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Skilled Migration Visa Australia

It is possible to migrate to Australia. The process may take anywhere from 8-18 months to apply for however you will need to have the following in order to have enough points to permanently migrate to Australia under the skilled migration visa:


1. English Language
An IELTS score of 7 in an English language test to show that you are proficient at English.


2. A skill in demand.
There are lists available and issued by immigration in Australia. They are updated to include any skills shortages they have ie Doctors, Nurses, Accountants etc. If your skill is in demand it would be possible to apply for a skills visa.


3. Recent work experience
You need to show that you have 12 months in the last 18 months work experience in the occupation that you are applying for.


Sponsorship Visa

If you have a job offer from an employer in Australia and you have relevant qualifications you may be entitled to a sponsorship visa for Australia. This is a 4 year non resident visa. You must work for that employer only. If you choose to work for another employer you will need to find another employer willing to sponsor you.


Business Migration Visa

If you can show that you own a business or are a director of a business with a minimum 20% shareholding, that has a turnover exceeding approximately €150,000 per year for the past 2 years it may be possible to enter Australia on the business migration visa.


For all migration queries contact our team and they will forward your queries to our migration specialists. Simply call 01 878 3329 or email