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Canadian Work Permit is an independent Irish based company that is not affiliated with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.Visas are available from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada for free or at a lower cost if you apply directly. employs the services of an ICCRC registered agents and our work will be carried out within the Canada Immigration Consultants Code of Professional Ethics guidelines at all times. Our services include professional visa advice, document checking and visa processing, opening a Canadian bank account, Tax Refund, occupational licences, job vacancies. provides the following value added services: notifying you on any changes to the Immigration regulations;free initial assessment on the process; price and service promise; individual service - each case is assigned their own visa consultant who deals with the application from start to finish; local offices supporting the visa process; high-quality service based on a library with specific information on the various Immigration practices and requirements.

The Canadian Work Permit allows an overseas national to live and work in Canada. It is a temporary resident visa.

To apply for a work permit you must have a job offer from a Canadian employer in your skill area.

Usually a work permit is valid only for a specific job and length of time.
A work permit may be issued based on labour market opinion (HRSDC confirmation) or may be issued on the basis of other requirements.

HRSC: Human Resources and Social Development Canada, provide information to the case officers to enable them to determine whether the employment of foreign workers is likely to have a positive or negative impact on the labour market in Canada. HRSDC confirmation is generally required before the work permit is issued.

HRSDC confirmation will be organised by your employer and

HRSDC confirmation is usually given for a specific period of time and the work permit will be issued to coincide with this period. Renewal of a work permit beyond the specified period will require new HRSDC confirmation. have a job finding service that you can avail of to assist you find a job in your skill area in Canada.

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