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Tourist Visa

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Nepal Tourist Visa Information

Visa First is a privately held company, not affiliated with the Government. We will process your visa application with the local Embassy through to completion, saving you the hassle of dealing directly with government officials, as well as the time and inconvenience to queue before the consulate section. Our service and processing fee cover the checking of your documents and personal details for correctness before we lodge your application with the Embassy. Having over 10 years of experience in the visa processing we guarantee that your visa application will not be rejected due to the submission of incorrect or incomplete information/documents. In the event that we spot any missing information/documents from your application we will follow up by giving you a phone call or sending you an email to request the necessary details. You can also apply for your visa with the local Embassy at a lower price.

All visitors to Nepal, with the exception of Indian nationals, must hold a Nepal Visa to enter the country.

To apply for your Nepal Tourist Visa you will need:
  • Your original passport - valid for at least 6 months;
  • The completed and signed Nepal Visa application forms (note that for Australian residents 2 sets of original forms will need to be completed);
  • Visa processing fee;
  • One recent passport-sized photograph (for Australia residents you will need 2 photos - one with each application);
  • A stamped, self-addressed special delivery envelope.

Apply for your visa to Nepal with Visa First today.

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UK Office: +44 207 659 9180        
Irish Office: +353 1 878 3329        
USA: 866 772 9245
Canada: 647 724 3535

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