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Cuban government has announced that it plans to eliminate many of the requirements for citizens who want to immigrate. The National Assembly president Ricardo Alarcon said that the issue of Cuban immigration is going to undergo a radical reform. He added that the government has not agreed on all of the detail of the reform but it is on the top of politicians’ agenda. In the last fifty years Cuba has imposed strict restrictions on the emigration of its citizens. Despite of the limitations, thousands of Cubans emigrate illegally each year sometimes engaging in risky ocean journeys on unsafe boats. As a result of that USA has granted an automatic residence status to every Cuban who is present in the country for more than a year. Travelling legally outside Cuba is possible only with a permit, which can be renewed for up to ten times. The costs of the permit however make it inaccessible for the average Cuban citizens, many of whom are liven with an average monthly salary of less than 20 USD.
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