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Israeli government has announced that it considers to possibility of relaxing visa requirements for Indian citizens in order to increase the number of tourist which are coming from India. India is currently the largest market for Israeli tourism and hospitality services in Asia after having surpassed South Korea which used to be the biggest source of Asian tourists for Israel. Israel intends to open an international tourist office in Mumbai, and to invest around 600 000USD in order to attract more international tourists from India. Furthermore the Israeli tourism minister Stas Misezhnikov signed an agreement with his Indian colleague Subodh Kant Sahai, hoping to double the number of tourists between the two countries in the next two years. Misezhnikov said that building of a mutually profitable relationship with India is a top priority for the Ministry of Tourism of Israel. He added that the excellent perspective exists for increasing the tourist inflow from India to Israel as well as the tourist outflow from Israel to India are very good. Currently around 50 000 Israelis are visiting India each year. Mr. Misezhnikov said the he wants to see this number double in the next three years.
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