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United Kingdom will introduce new changes in its Citizenship test. The current Citizenship test was implemented in 2005 and is compulsory for every foreign immigrant, who wants to be UK citizens. Its main purpose is to determine, whether the applicant can successfully integrate in the British society. The new test will focus more on the British History and on the achievements of the British people and less on the everyday aspects of the life in UK. Prospective United Kingdom Citizens will have to acquire knowledge about Shakespeare, Beatles and Florence Nightingale. There will be also a handbook released, which will help to applicants to prepare for the course. The handbook will be released later this year. The guide will describe United Kingdom as "fantastic place to live; a modern thriving society with a long and illustrious history".It will feature sections with significant events of UK military history such as the Battle of Trafalgar. Furthermore the handbook will include chapters that deal with important scientific discoveries and inventions made in UK. The spokesman of the British Home Office stated that the new historical and cultural focus of the citizenship test will help prospective citizens to better understand the life in UK and properly integrate into the British society.
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