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New research made by the Canadian government indicates that immigrants, who cannot speak good English or French are forced to work in ethnic enclaves and therefore earn less money than the other Canadian Immigrants. Furthermore the report indicates that immigrants, who have good command of English or French, earn as much money as the Canadian born workers. Another finding of the report is that there is a 14 percent increase of the immigrants, who are working in a language other than English or French. The current number of people who use a non-official language in their jobs is estimated to be around 611,000. Sixty percent of these people cannot conduct an everyday conversation in English or French. There is a high possibility that some of these people may end up in ethnic enclaves. The work available in these enclaves includes mostly low-paid service jobs. The conclusion of the research is that immigrants, who are working in such kind of ethnic enclaves, are not able to gain specific skills that are needed for the Canada’s job market and this decreases the knowledge of the local language that the immigrant has. The lower level of the local language on its turn impedes immigrants' economic progress..
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