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After 1 October 2012 people, who have overstayed their UK Visa with more than 28 days will be refused application for a later leave. The new rules are going to apply for all people, who have the following type of visas.

• Work visas, Student visas and Business visas
• Visitor visas
• Long Residency visas
• UK ancestry visas

The new rules were expected, given the fact that analogous regulations were recently introduced for the UK family visas. Furthermore this month the UK Government revoked the right to appeal against refusal for a family visitor visa, although there will be still a possibility for appealing on racial discrimination or on human rights ground. It is therefore important that you apply to extend your leave in time, if you are in UK under one of the above-mentioned types of visas. Provided that you want to stay in UK after the 28 day extension period you must leave Britain and reapply for a UK visa in order to enter in the country again.
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