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UK immigration minister Damian Green has announced that a new targeted interview system will be implemented for both prospective foreign students, who want to come to UK and foreign students who are already studying in UK. The emphasis of the new system will be the high-risk applicants. It is expected that more than 14 000 people will be interviewed in the next 12 months. If the authorities think that any interviewee is not a genuine student he/she will be refused a visa for UK. According to Damian Green the new rules will help to catch the people who want to cheat the system and will protect UK from bogus students. Under the old system immigration authorities were unable to reject some of the student visa applicants, even when they were thinking that the applicants may not be credible. The introduction of the new rules follows an interviewing pilot executed by the agency last year to tackle concerns about the legitimacy of some applicants.Around 2,300 student visa applicants were interviewed in 13 overseas posts in order to test how effective the face-to-face interview system will be. On fifth of all the applications were refused on the basis of the interviews that were carried out.
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