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Certain regions in Canada are willing to give permanent residency to Irish farmers who are willing to buy land and set up shop in the North American country. The employment opportunities for Irish people have been well documented recently, with the visit of a Canadian delegation aiming to fill 335,000 construction jobs in western Canada. Edwina Shanahan of migration experts of said Canada now rivals Australia in terms of attracting Irish workforce, and predicted that 6,000 Canadian work permits would be granted to Irish people this year.
However, the website said the cap had already been reached for this year for 11 occupations to be considered for skilled migration visa applications to Canada. These include restaurant and food service managers, professional occupations in business services to management, biologists and related scientists, architects, specialist physicians, GPs and family physicians, dentists, pharmacists, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and social workers.
“While the cap does not apply to those with a job offer, there are only a limited number of places still available for carpenters, electricians, chefs, cooks, insurance claim examiners, crane operators, plumbers, welders, and mechanics if they want to apply for a permanent resident visa without having the hassle of trying to get a pre-arranged job offer. So for those who are eligible we would advise they get their application in now,” said Ms Shanahan.
Saskatchewan is just one of the main areas looking for workers. The international recruitment firm based there, the Actyl Group, is believed to be visiting Ireland next week to recruit doctors and other Irish professionals for thousands of jobs in western Canada.
Alberta is also seeking workers for all occupations including truck mechanics, logistics professionals, HV electricians, and power line workers and engineers.
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