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Changes in the work visa for the entertainment industry personnel in New Zealand are to come into effect on April 30, 2012 in order to make it easier for entertainment companies to bring workers in NZ.

The NZ Immigration Department says that at the moment, foreign workers who come in the NZ to work in entertainment, music, film or television industries are required to hold a work visa. The applications for work visa are submitted to the New Zealand Film and Video Technicians’ Guild, the Screen Production and Development Association, the Screen Directors’ Guild of New Zealand, the New Zealand Actor’s Guild, New Zealand Actors’ Equity or the musicians’ branch of the Service and Food Workers Union.

From April 30th, 2012, however, most candidates will no longer have to submit their applications via any union referral or guild. Those who can take advantage of the new streamlined process, should be in the country for 14 days or less; are on an official co-production, or are with an accredited company. All others will continue with the application process as usual.

The Immigration Department also says that performers and staff attending ‘approved’ arts or music festivals, who are from one of the 50 countries NZ has a visa-waiver agreement, can enter the country without a visa.

‘Approved’ arts or music festival means that the event organizers submit proofs that their event meets certain criteria. The criteria is still being developed, however.

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