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Labourers also targeted as Canadians go ahead to head with Aussies in battle for new emigrants,
Connacht Tribune

FARMERS and labourers from Galway’s 13,400 farms are being “head-hunted” to fill thousands of jobs in Canada – with some provinces in the North American country so desperate for workers they are offering permanent residency to farmers who purchase land there.
Hundreds of struggling farm workers from across Galway are expected to join the lengthening queues of emigrants from Irish airports.
The huge demand has seen Canada “up its game” in the competition with Australia for workers from Ireland.
A delegation from Western Canada visited Ireland lately as part of a recruitment drive – it’s estimated that around 6,000 work permits will be issued to Ireland this year.
Recruitment companies are desperately searching for tradesmen such as welders, carpenters, plumbers, plant drivers and diesel mechanics.
But one of the biggest employment sectors seeking workers in farming, where a variety of skilled workers are being sought.
If an Irish farmer purchases land in some Canadian provinces – or even invest in a business there – their work permits will be upgraded to permanent, making them Canadian citizens.
Migration expert Edwina Shanahan of said demand for farm workers from Galway is high, and there is competition between Canada and Australia for them.
“Some of the workers in Galway’s 13,400 farms may be interested to learn that their talents are being called upon in Canada to fill employment opportunities throughout the country.
“Many Canadian provinces are even willing to give permanent residency to farmers who are willing to buy land or buy into an existing farming business and set up shop in Canada.
“A Western Canadian delegation visited Ireland at the beginning of the month on a recruitment drive, looking for Irish workforce to fill thousands of vacancies in welding, carpentry, plumbing, plant machinery drivers, diesel mechanics, and many more.
“Currently, we are seeing a run on Irish workers as Australian and Canadian employers compete for the Irish skilled workforce. This news will be of interest to many people in Galway – whether they are farmers, truck mechanics, logistics professionals or any of the other trades that are listed as being high demand in Canada at present,” said Ms Shanahan. However, she said the “cap” has been reached for eleven occupations this year in Canada, such as restaurant managers, business management, biologists, architects, specialist physicians, GPs, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and social workers. In terms of location the experts say it’s not only Saskatchewan that is looking for workers. Alberta is also seeking workers of all occupations including truck mechanics, logistics professionals, HV electricians and power line workers and engineers. “We have been informed of excellent pay and earnings in the mining sector, oil and gas. A lot of tradesmen are working on site for two weeks at a time and really putting some money away,” said Ms Shanahan, who added that there is a free information evening at the Galway Radisson tonight (Thursday 8th Mar) at 7 pm for those interested in finding out more.
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