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The leader of the UK Labour Party Ed Miliband has formulated the new immigration policies that the part is going to follow. He said that the new rules will prevent immigrants from taking up the places of British citizens on the local labor market. The new measures will include a ban of the overseas-only employment agencies. Furthermore a system, which will identify work areas dominated by the inflow of foreign workers, will be implemented. All employers will be required to disclose if they have hired large number of immigrants. Every company that operates in a problematic sector will have to notify the Immigration authorities if it employs more than 25% of immigrant workers. The purpose of Miliband’s new policy is to put emphasis on those aspects of immigration that affect the life of the average person, instead of on border controls and foreign immigrant caps. Other highlights of the Labour party’s proposed immigration policy include: • More rigorous enforcement of the minimal wage rules • Inspection of the immigrants’ access to government benefits • Analysis of the effectiveness of the foreign immigration cap policies
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