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After 17 July 2012 all applicants for the UK Tier 4 visa will be eligible to apply through the UK Border agency priority visa service in Malaysia. This service will be available only to applicants, who pay additional fee of 80 British pounds to have their visa processed before the other applicants. According to United Kingdom Border Agency all of the priority applications will be processed within four working days.

The requirements that all applicants need to fulfill in order to apply for the Tier 4 student visa are the following:

 • They must be accepted to study at an approved UK education institution
 • They must show a proof that they have enough maintenance funds in order to support themselves during their stay in UK.

Furthermore people who fall into one of the following categories can also apply for a priority visa processing:

• business visitor;
• Tier 1 high value migrant;
• Tier 2 skilled worker;
• Tier 4 child student;
• Tier 4 adult student applying to attend a higher education institution; 
• air crew joining aircraft.
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