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British Airport Border Officials threaten with a strike on 26 July, one day before the begging of the Olympic Games. If this happens a lot of delays in large airports such as Heathrow may occur. The decision for the 24 hour strike was taken by the Members of the Public and Commercial Services Union in relation with the recent disagreement over work pay and job losses between the Union and the Government. According to the Home Secretary Theresa May, the decision for the strike may create a lot of chaos at the airports. She points out that Britain should be able to deal with the increased inflow of foreign visitors during the Olympics as smoothly as possible. Jeremy Hunt, who is a government official responsible for the Olympics, however thinks that even in case of a strike the government will manage to handle the crowds and to limit the inconvenience for the foreign visitors. In previous cases of the border guard strikes, the government has turned to civil servants in order to handle the situation and to minimize the disruption of the border checks.
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