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Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has announced that the commencement of new resource projects in Western Australia may provide more working opportunities for skilled foreign immigrants. According to the Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, there are only few resource companies that have applied for permission to hire foreign workers. Up until now just one of them is approved by the Government. Mr. Bowen has still not announced which are the companies and the projects that will receive an approval to hire foreign workers. However, most of the immigration experts agree that many of the new mines, which will be open in central Queensland, are among the projects that are under consideration by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. In order for a project to qualify it must meet certain requirements. Its capital expenditure must be above 2 billion Australian dollars and its peak workforce must be above 1500 workers. Furthermore, the companies must provide a proof that they are not able to find Australians who are qualified to fill the jobs that will be given to foreigners.
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