15 Tips for a Better Flight

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You may have noticed that most of the countries have different policies concerning the items you are allowed to have with you when on board so you may wish to contact them and try to get more information before you start packing but here you are some basic general tips that are useful in any case.

1. Know what items are allowed to avoid being asked to leave something behind at the airport.

2. Check the allowances and charges for baggage as they are constantly changing.

3. Take your laptop from your baggage and put it in a plastic bag.

4. Keep your boarding pass with you.

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5. Never ask someone else to watch your luggage and don’t do this for someone else.

6. Keep it quiet in the airport and on the plane. While you might be going on a vacation, the passenger next to you might be working or trying to get some sleep.

7. Put carry-on liquids in a separate bag. Remember, no containers over 3 ounces.

8. Respect other’s personal space – this relates to both physical and mental space.

9. Do not overpack. Don’t bring with you items that you never use, especially if you plan to visit different locations.

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10. If you use medications that you need to carry with you, declare this to an airport security officer and they will be screened at the checkpoint. Mind for medicine without proper labelling and if possible bring your doctor’s prescription. Baby food and formula should also be declared and labelled properly.

11. Be careful with lighters, pocketknives, needles, nail cutters. Some airlines will not allow you to bring any of these.

12. Bring your shoes and belts in a separate plastic bag.

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13. Wear noise-reducing headphones – very useful if there are unhappy kids around.

14. Dress up comfortably.

15. Be friendly and acknowledge others.

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