20,000 Irish People have Relocated to New Zealand for the Last Five Years

Beaumont, New Zealand aerial photo

New Zealand is still a very attractive destination for Irish guys and there are many reasons for this – beautiful nature, cost of living, friendly people, temperate climate.

According to Edwina Shanahan, Manager at visafirst.com, since 2011 approximately 18,000 Irish workers have travelled to New Zealand for work and with 4,000-5,000 expected to leave this year the total number of the last 5 years will surpass 20,000!

Most of the Irish guys are interested in the job opportunities in New Zealand. Local employers can offer a great variety of occupations – from commercial and residential carpenters, scaffolders, diesel mechanics to managers. Other positions available include an HVAC mechanic position and registered plumbers.

Visafirst.com Manager, Edwina Shanahan, also commented that although the salary rates in Australia are higher than New Zealand, the cost of living and property rental are lower in New Zealand so, it might turn out that you are in a financially better situation at a lower salary if all other costs are lower too.

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