4 Things An Experienced Traveler Can Teach A Beginner

Experienced travellers are like old sages: they know what’s what and they’ve been everywhere. They have a lot to teach to younger, fresher travellers. Here are some of the essential tips experienced travellers would like to tell beginners.

How to Be Diplomatic

With new travellers, there is often a lot of culture shock. People have to be careful not to apply their own cultural values to those of other nations.

Experienced travellers would tell beginners to keep their opinions to themselves, and to try to see things from a local perspective. They would also suggest trying as many things as possible.


If the locals enjoy eating bugs and worship cats, then the travellers should respect those values while they are visiting.

Daring travellers should take it a step farther and try the bugs: anything that doesn’t harm you or put you in danger will become a great memory.

How to Save Money

There are ways to save money that experienced travellers would love to share with beginners.

All too often young travellers spend a lot of hard-earned cash on things that could be a lot cheaper. Here are some of the savvy ways to save money:

  • Research Airlines: Some airlines have better deals on their own sites, and others have deals on external sites, such as Aer Lingus.
  • Call the Front Desk: You might save money by calling the front desk. Let them know how much sites are asking for, and ask if they can beat it.
  • Be Flexible: Traveling during off-season might save you as much as 50%. Check online calendars to find out when to travel, and what you’re risking (for example, off-season might also be hurricane season).

When to Save and When to Be Extravagant

While it’s important to save money, it’s also important to know when to splurge. Experienced travellers would suggest that beginners buy one amazing souvenir rather than 15 cheap ones.

The nicer souvenirs will be enjoyed for decades, whereas the cheap ones will be forgotten within weeks.

Another time when it pays to be extravagant is on excursions. If you desperately want to swim with the sharks or pet a dolphin, then you should go for it! You’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

How to Choose an Adventure

Choose your trips carefully. Experienced travellers know that you might have a lot of opportunities to travel while you are young, but those opportunities will fill up quickly.

Once you have a family and a career it’s harder to travel. So, the sages would recommend that younger travellers take as many trips as possible while they are young and that they choose each trip carefully.

You might think you can go to Europe for a month when you are older, but it’s impossible to know.

List every dream destination and then arrange them by interest level so that you can cross off the most important ones, first.

Experienced travellers have a lot of good advice for the new generation of beginning travellers. By learning from the older generation, new travellers can save a lot of money, choose their trips wisely, and have better experiences.

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