5 Australian Family and Parent Visa Types Re-opened for New Applications

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Several types of relative and parent visas have been re-opened for new applications recently. These include Parent visa, Aged Dependent Relative visa, Remaining Relative visa and Carer visa.

1,500 available places for the non-contributory visa and 500 places for other family visas have been announced for the migration program year 2014 – 2015.

If you are a permanent resident or citizen in Australia, you can sponsor your parents and dependent relatives to come to Australia under one of these visa types. This change is part of the Australian Family Migration Program to welcome the partners, children and the parents who are able to contribute financially the cost of their migration.

The government aims to ensure that the skilled migrants comprise at least two-thirds of the Migration program because they have the strongest English skills and lowest rate of unemployment, which is crucial for the successful integration on the local labour market.

Because of the fact that family remains the fundamental unit of society, many skilled migrants want to bring their families to Australia at some point. These visas form relatively small proportion of the whole migration program of 190,000 visas – around 2,000 or 1%.

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