5 Facts About the Australian Work 457 visa That You Need to Know

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The Australian Sponsorship visa, subclass 457, is a temporary work visa allowing you to work in the country for up to 4 years. It’s also a pathway to permanent residency. This is one of the most famous Australian visas, 13,980 sponsorship visa applications have been lodged for 2014 program year ending 30 Sep which is 31% higher than the previous program year.

The top 5 citizenship of the applicants granted Sponsorship visa last year: India, UK, China, USA, Philippines and Ireland.

Although, the main concept of the Work 457 visa is clear and simple, there are complications from both employer’s and employee’s end. Here are the top 5 pitfalls that you might not be aware of:

  • You may apply for permanent residency after working in Australia for just 2 years on a Sponsorship visa. Most of the 457 visa holders usually go under the so-called ‘Temporary Residency Transition Stream’ and apply for a permanent Employer Nomination scheme after working in Australia for 2 years.
  • The minimum salary level is AU$ 53,900 however if there’s an Australian working in the same business on the same position like you, your employer will need to pay you at least the same amount as them. This requirement is called Market Salary requirement. If there’s no Australian employee at an equivalent position like yours, your employer would need to prove you will be paid the same amount that an Australian would be paid for the same position, in the same business sector, in the same location.
  • The Australian Immigration considers some 457 applications and occupations as high risk and scrutinizes them. These are usually occupations in cafes and restaurants or occupations in start-up businesses operating for less than 12 months. Start-up businesses are required to provide additional information, and to prove the position they want to hire is genuine. Such approvals are usually granted for 12 months rather for 4 years.
  • Your employer will be required to provide evidence that the position has been advertised and no Australian was able to fill in the position. This requirement is based on the fact that the purpose of the Australian 457 visa is to fulfil temporary shortages on the local labour market where the employer could not find local employees and needs to hire someone from abroad. That’s why in some cases your employer will be required to show evidence of advertising the position, especially for occupations like Nursing, Engineers or Trades.
  • Some applicants are required to provide skills assessment for their 457 visa application which is time-consuming and expensive though it’s not a basic requirement for this visa. The two major groups affected are: Tradesmen who hold a passport from particular countries; Program and Project Administrators and Specialists Managers NEC. Remember, even if you don’t need to provide skills assessment, you need to meet the entry-level as set out in the ANZSCO code of occupations.

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