5 Types of Travellers You Should Avoid

Going on a solo travel adventure can be a fun and liberating experience for some but for others, they prefer travelling with company. Choosing who to explore the world with is crucial to the success of your trip. At the end of the day, you do not want to be stuck in some random airport screaming at the top of your lungs at each other just because someone got the boarding gate wrong and you missed your flight (true story).

There are many types of notoriously bad travellers around, so we decided to give you a heads up on the 5 types of travellers you should avoid.

1. The Tense and Uptight One

Highly strung people are no fun to travel with. With an ability to be overly edgy over the tiniest of details, even the calmest lot will end up being somewhat affected by their behaviour. The transport that will bring you to the airport is late? Immediately, they think they will miss the flight. Forgot to pack first aid and medication? They anxiously start seeking the nearest pharmacy. When they said live life on the edge, this wasn’t it. They fret all the time and lose it when things don’t go according to schedule which brings us to no.2.

The Tense and Uptight One

Oh no, I forgot to pack my teddy bear

2. The Worry Wart

Highly similar to No.1, the difference is that the worry wart frets about the “what ifs” and the possibilities of things that can go hypothetically bad. Unlike the uptight traveller who only gets wound up when things don’t go according to plan, the worrier sees the bad even though it may or may not happen. Negativity is their middle name and they should be avoided at all costs lest they dampen your holiday spirit.

3. The Rigid Traveller

Everything and we mean everything, must pan out according to plan. If you stray from the itinerary, you are most likely to be met with a death stare insisting that you follow the schedule. Most regimental in their thinking, we suspect they make the best military personnel. Travel with them at your own risk because they will be the ones calling the shots.

4. The Laidback aka Lazy one

At first, you don’t mind travelling with them because they are so easy to get along with. Anything goes for them and they let you make all the decisions. Slowly though, you find this takes a toll on you as you have to do everything by yourself. Don’t expect them to lift a finger in doing any homework of finding the most affordable flights and hotels or to contribute any useful resources. They simply go with the flow and have no sense of urgency, unless of course; it’s a life or death situation.

The Laidback aka Lazy one

Sorry, I have no opinion whatsoever. Please make them up for me.

5. The Spoilt Brat

He or she wants everything done their way. Threatening to throw a hissy fit every time someone opposes them, they will pout and sulk until they get what they want at the expense of making your life miserable. Even when the majority overrules, they insist on having their way; want a say in everything and think that only their opinion matters. Cue rolling eyes here.

The Spoilt Brat

It’s my way or the highway

So, these are typically the five bad travellers that you want to avoid when you decide that you want some company for your next holiday.

Do any of these sound familiar or are you one yourself?

About the author: Sheryl loves travel and writing and mashes her two loves by working at Wego.com.au, a leading travel meta search engine that lets you save time, pay less and travel more.


I like travelling because you can gain your knowledge about new places. Thanks for your info.

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