7 Tips for the World Cup Travelers to Brazil

Ponte Estaiada - Sao Paulo - Brazil

If you think you should take part in the biggest event in the world called the World Cup in Brazil, you should head now while it’s still up and running. It’s expected that more than 600,000 international travellers are already there or will head to the 12 host cities across Brazil before July, 13.

Here are some tips for making sure your trip goes well:

1. If you need a visa for Brazil, try to sort this well in advance.

2. Check the expiry date of your passport – it should be at least 6 months left before it expires.

Canadian passport

3. Give your itinerary details such as flights, accommodation, hotels and dates of travel to your family and friends. It’s good if you have copies of your passport and credit cards with you.

4. Learn some key words in Portuguese – there’s no way you can learn the language in a week but you’ll find it extremely useful to know some basic Portuguese phrases like ‘Bom dia’, ‘Desculpe!’ and ‘Obrigado’.

5. Ensure your Medical Insurance covers your international trip, if not you will need to purchase one.


6. Take care and use the basic precautions to stay safe – be aware of what to watch out for!

7. Enjoy it!

Brazil is a wonderful destination and it’s a great chance that you can examine the country through your stay there for the World Cup game.


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