7,000 Canadian Working Holiday Visas Are Expected in 2017


IEC Programme Application Process 2017

As the Irish economy is improving the willingness to travel overseas in seek of employment has dwindled for many, however, experts at VisaFirst say that while some people no longer feel “forced” to move away, Ireland’s love affair with travel has certainly not gone away and an estimated 5,000 Irish workers are expected to sign up for the Canadian Working Holiday Visa programme recently opened its doors to applicants.

Experts say that every year people are disappointed that they don’t progress in the 3 stage application process but that in the main this is largely down to poorly completed and late application forms. Since the beginning of the programme 1 week ago, VisaFirst have received hundreds of calls from potential applicants who are trying to get their head around the application process and who are worried that they may not fill in their application properly – thus scuppering their chances of success.

Canadian Working Holiday Visa/ IEC 2016

In 2016, many people took step one and created profiles but they were either late or gave insufficient data or both, and many did not receive an invitation to apply for with permit to work, resulted in no visa!

We are urging people this year to be on time – the best chance to get selected for an invitation letter is to get in the applicant list early”.

Shanahan: “The Irish have a great reputation – they are seen to have a good skill set and great work experience. Canada and Australia are the most popular amongst those looking to travel – with the latter recently increasing the age threshold to 35 for their Canadian working holiday visa programme to match that already in existence in Canada”.

Irish Trying to Stay Long-term

VisaFirst says that over the last decade the number of Irish travelling to Canada on temporary work visas like /Canadian Working Holiday Visa/ jumped a lot, but that as a result of the upturn in the economy in the recent years have seen the numbers declining.

However, Shanahan says that while temporary visa figures are declining, “Ireland holding 11th place for a country to be issued work permits in 2014”. In addition, the migration specialist notes that the number of permanent residents is rising. Ireland was ranked 27th amongst the countries with Canadian permanent resident visas in 2014”.

Permanent Residency Canadian Visas Issued to Irish Workers
2005 2010 2013 2014
224 547 1015 1977

Canadian Working Holiday Visa – How Does it work

The IEC programme allows people from different countries up to the age of 35 to live and work in Canada for a period of 12 or 24 months. The applicant’s passport should be from an eligible country of which Ireland is one. They need to have funds to support their stay (C$2500), have health insurance and a clean criminal record.

Acquiring a Canadian Working Holiday Visa

VisaFirst says that applicants don’t need to wait for 2017 to begin their application process. It is important to get registered as soon as possible due to the random selection of applicants until the quota is filled.

Work permit application steps

Edwina says, “Before applying for IEC working holiday visa, you need to register your interest under the many IEC streams that you want to be considered for. Invitations are issued then. If accepted for one of the streams, you have 10 days to accept or not.

Once the invitation is accepted you have 20 days to prepare your documents a pay immigration fees. Be aware that some documents can take a few weeks to obtain

After reviewing your application, the CIC may request other supporting documents. If approved, you will be sent a letter of introduction (LOI). It will be requested upon entering the country and then you will be granted the work permit.

For more information about the IEC follow the link Canadian Working Holiday Visa/IEC Programme

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