Abduction Tourism

abduction tourism

Apparently, exploring the sightseeings or trying the local cuisine of the chosen destination is old school now.  Even extreme sports such as sky-diving or swimming with sharks is not adrenaline enough. Tourists go for hard-core stuff now – such as simulated kidnapping experience.

Practically, you pay to get unexpectedly kidnapped, bound, gagged and imprisoned for hours. Seriously.

A French company is already offering kidnapping packages.

“It allows you to experience the terror of the real thing,” Craig Shim, Tourism Queensland marketing manager, said.

…Except while you are being abducted, you will know “the real thing” will be over in several hours. If it’s not over, then it is for real.

To add to the absurdity of this idea here’s a simple but straight to the point thought of Ethan Gelber, who wrote an article about the Abduction Tourism for the Lonely Planet blog:

“Just remember: You can’t relive your holiday if your only memories are of a featureless room. And you can’t see great sights through a blindfold.”

Enough said.




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