Airplanes Vs. Airports—Which One Is Filthier?

Opposite to most people’s expectations, travellers are more likely to catch a cold or flu at the airport rather than on the plane.

Airports appear to be full of germs, and according to Dr Deborah Mills, from the Travel Medical Alliance, the airport toilets are filthy and third of people don’t wash their hands when going in and out of there.

Mills added that it’s a misconception to think that the airconditioning at the aeroplane spreads viruses and gets people sick. In fact, getting sick on the plane is as likely as getting sick at a shopping centre.

“The air on the plane is funnelled through the jet engines to purify it which kills all the germs,” she said.”The way the airconditioning works is that when the plane is running it only goes over a few seats and then gets sucked in.”

Specialists also warn that the sanitizing gels that are massively being used when travelling cannot replace the actual hand wash with soap and water because the gel doesn’t remove the dirt and germs, and it cannot kill tougher viruses like hepatitis A.



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