An increased number of Irish nationals apply for an Australian Visa

The European economic crisis has forced a lot of Irish workers to apply for Australian Visa in order to escape to OZ.

The resource boom which Australia currently experiences serves as a catalyst for the demand for new skilled working positions. Many of those new positions are currently filled with foreign workers.

The Irish ambassador in Australia has commented that Ireland ranks on the third place, only behind Britain and India, among countries, whose nationals are being granted skilled migrant visas.

Western Australia is usually the most popular destination for new Irish immigrants because there are the best working opportunities for newly arrived immigrants.

There is also an increase in the number of people who are applying for a Working Holiday Visa.

Australian Department of Citizenship and Immigration expects that during 2012 the Irish Working Holiday Visa applications will exceed the applications that have been registered during 2011.

“We have a very high unemployment rate; we’re going through a very difficult time economically. Australia has a booming economy; within that, WA has a booming economy.

Quite clearly, there is space for our needs and your needs to complement one another.” Ireland’s ambassador to Australia, Noel White, said.

The resource boom, which Australia is currently experiencing, is the main reason for the flowering economy of the country.

It is centred mainly in Western Australia but has created labour shortages throughout the whole country. Attracting skilled migration is the most reasonable solution that is being proposed for resolving the problems that appear on the job market due to the lack of working force.

Only during the last month, the skilled migration program of Australia has been expanded to include 19000 places on the total.


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