An Island Made Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Dutch scientists are working on a unique project – to create an island from plastic bottles.

The island will be the size of Hawaii and it will be completely made of recycled plastic waste that is currently floating around in the Pacific Ocean. The scientists will need 44 million kilograms of plastic waste to build Recycled Island.

The even more impressive part is that the island will be self-sufficient as solar and wave energy will be proving food and work for its 500,000 residents.

Here’s what a spokesman said of the project: “The proposal has three main aims – cleaning our oceans from a gigantic amount of plastic waste, creating new land and constructing a sustainable habitat. Recycled Island seeks the possibilities to recycle the plastic waste on the spot and to recycle it into a floating entity.”

The scientists plan to create the island close to Venice, Italy and will be recycling the plastic on the spot into floating blocks which will be also the foundation of the island.

According to research, the Pacific Ocean is currently the most polluted with plastic waste in the world. The waste is extremely dangerous to sea life because fish and birds see it as food and eat it.

“Recycled Island should be seen as a unique opportunity to create a new floating habitat from scratch, yet at the same time, the ocean is cleaned from a huge part of its plastic pollution,” according to the spokesman.


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