Around the World in Casinos

With the end of summer fast approaching many of us are looking for unique ways to spend the winter months travelling and what could be more unique than a tour of the world’s best casinos? From the obvious choice of the Las Vegas Strip all the way through to Macau in China, there are many stunning, adrenaline-filled games to be played.

So where are the best destinations for your whirlwind tour of the best casinos in the world? Here are some of the most unique, traditional and exciting casino’s to whet your appetite but before you head off, it may be wise to brush up on your casino game knowledge through sites like the Casino Las Vegas blog.

The Golden Nugget Casino, Las Vegas

To begin your tour you must check out the traditional, it will give you some background history to the wonderful world of gaming and show you how traditional casino’s run. One of the best has got to be the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas. The casino is part of the legendary Freemont Street Experience that encompasses vintage Vegas, uncompromising hospitality and old school poker matches; this is old fashioned gambling at its best.

Golden Nugget

Inside the casino, you will have the chance to play at some of the best traditional tables money can buy, from Blackjack all the way through to high stakes poker. No casino in Las Vegas would be complete without some extravagant entertainment to match the fast-paced gaming. At The Golden Nugget, you will get the chance to experience some old fashion showgirls, saloon-style dining and plenty of free live music.

The Venetian Casino Complex, Macau

Venetian Macau

You cannot go through a world tour of casinos’ and not stop off to visit Macau. This 24 hour, nonstop casino city comes in a close second to Las Vegas in terms of size and entertainment. There are over 30 casinos’ to choose from, along with numerous night clubs and theatres for you to choose from, but there is one Casino that encompasses all of these and high stakes tables in one place. The Venetian Casino in Macau is one of the biggest, most extravagant and modern casinos’ that you cannot miss a trip too.

The interior is adorned with gold trimmings, elaborate Italian style furniture and holds over 400 pokies machines. That is without some of the most expensive high stakes tables and the best Roulette money can buy.

The Sportsman, London

The Sportsman Casino

London is a hive of history, adventure and great British hospitality and is also home to some of the best casinos on the planet. Unlike the two previously mentioned destinations, London’s casinos are in general not housed together and are far smaller than their Las Vegas counterparts. If you fancy a smaller, more intimate casino night then this is the destination for you.

One of the most traditionally British casinos’ to visit is The Sportsman in the West End, designed with comfort and style in mind. The casino is open for 12 hours a day and boasts the traditional games you would expect, from Poker through to Backjack, all displayed within a traditional British pub-like atmosphere.


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