Australia becomes more popular destination for Chinese students

Chinese students in Australia

The applications of Chinese students to Australian universities are increasing again after several years of decline.

According to many immigration experts, the main catalyst for this development is Australia’s liberal immigration policy.

In addition to that, the UK and the US have quite restrictive immigration policies.

Many leading academics in the UK have warned that such restrictions will significantly reduce the international competitiveness of the UK educational sector which is currently estimated to bring billions of dollars of profit into the country’s economy.

In addition to that UK Border Agency recently removed London Metropolitan University (LMU) form its Trusted Sponsors List, rendering uncertain the future of thousands of non-EU students who are enrolled in LMU.

The current statistics show that around 300 000 Chinese students are going to study abroad every year. The United States and Great Britain are traditionally the most popular destinations, but Australia is now challenging their first places as a top educational destination for Chinese students.

As a result of the global economic crisis, the UK and US have recently adopted quite restrictive immigration policies, which is hampering the interest of foreign students who want to go there.

According to Phillip Gao, who is a senior consultant at the Chinese educational agency – New Oriental, the number of Chinese students that are interested in studying in Australia is rising with 20% every year.

The level of tuition fees is not a major factor for Chinese students.

Although the costs of Australian universities have increased with 50% – 70% during the last ten years, the average income in China has more than doubled during the same period

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