The Australian citizenship test

For over 2 years now, those who want to become Australian citizens have to pass the citizenship test, by answering questions about Australia’s values and history. Currently, you can sit the test in one of the many test centres spread all over Australia. The exact locations of all test centres can be found here.

According to official figures from the snapshot report, 96.3% of all who took the test passed it from the first or second attempt. The high pass rate indicates that the assistance provided to applicants is clearly helping. Applicants who take their time to go through the resource book and do a bit of homework, usually have no problem in passing the test. It is common to hear cheers coming from the testing rooms.

If you would like to know more about the test, please visit the citizenship test overview page.


This citizenship test is not too hard, but one has to practice a lot to get it right the first time though. I don't know what others do to practice, but I personally used these guys. Well, at least I became an Australian citizen and I don't have to worry about the test no more!

And here's a personal take on what its like to go through the tedious testing system:

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