Australia expands its Work and Holiday Program

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Australia is beginning to negotiate with the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel and Greece about establishing new Work and Holiday Programs.

The new discussions with these countries show the value of the bilateral relationship that Australia has with those countries.

Chris Bowen the Australian minister of immigration thinks that establishing a Work and Holiday Program with them will further strengthen the intercultural ties and the people to people links.

Once the programs are implemented, young Australians and citizens of the partners’ countries aged between18 and 30 years will have the possibility to visit each others’ country.

They will be allowed to work and travel within the limits of a year. Each of the work and holiday visa programs will have an annual limit of visa grant numbers.

The work and holiday visa differs from the working holiday as it requires all prospective applicants to secure the support of their government.

In addition to that, they must hold or be studying towards such a degree. The must be able to speak English at least at a high-intermediate level as well.

On the successful conclusion of negotiations with each country, they would join Australia’s existing work and holiday arrangement partners: Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Turkey and the United States.

In the meantime the Nationals Farmer Federation wants changes to the Australian visa program to be implemented.

They propose the agricultural work to be included in the occupations eligible for 457 Second Working Holiday Visa.

The reason for this is that the Australian farming industry faces serious workers shortage as the young Australians prefer to enter in different career fields

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