Australia Family Relocation Guide

Australian city overview

Immigration is something many of us have considered at one point or another during our lives. For most foreigners, however, Australia carries plenty of cliches based on the entertainment industry.

These have largely shaped how people across the world imagine Australia – mostly kangaroos, vast plains and an overall completely wrong idea of what the country is today.

Australia is a lot more and not nearly as close to the idea of Crocodile Dundee. There is much out there capable of surprising any traveller.

The influx of Asian immigrants and their slow integration has greatly changed the way Australia operates these days. It would not be surprising to notice signs in Mandarin Chinese next to English translations, a multi-cultural environment and rich culture.

The traditional description of Australia can no longer be applied the same way as before. Here are some things you must keep in mind when you travel or you want to immigrate to Australia:

  • Remove properly all mass-media ideas from your head in regards to Australian culture. Movies such as Crocodile Dundee and others have very little to do with the reality of the matter. Having such a misconception about the way this country works will only confuse you. The cliches we are used to having nothing to do with the reality of the matter. Not all Japanese are quiet and reserved samurai, not all Americans are loud, not all Frenchmen eat croissants. The world is a melting pot of cultures, ideas and races that defies definitions and rigidity. In turn, Australia is always changing, much like any other country.
  • Expect airport security measures to be no less strict than those in the United States or elsewhere around the world. Australian authorities are still concerned after the Bali bombings from 2002 and at some point, even lipstick was banned from flights because of a terrorist attempt. It is a good idea to follow all instructions and to treat the immigration authorities with patience and respect. They are only doing their jobs.
  • Stay alert for physical dangers of the Australian lifestyle. Depending on where you move from the climate may be a bit too much. People have died for a variety of non-violent reasons such as heat stroke or even a jellyfish sting. Australian wildlife is unique and different from what you may encounter in your home country so you should pay close attention. Follow the advice of any friends or locals here and don’t underestimate the dangers of nature here.
  • Expect the lifestyle to be different. Certain aspects of local culture may appear strange to you, but that should be respected. If you are used to air-conditioned rooms or your typical lifestyle you should know that won’t be the case. Australia is unique and different and it is you who will need to adapt to it than the other way around.
  • Don’t underestimate the difficulties of getting there. Depending on where you live, your flight might be excruciatingly long and tiresome. On the other hand, the distances you will need to cover on the continent as well are quite vast, regardless of how small they may look on a map.


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