Australia gives more money to support multiculturalism

The Australian government has announced its intention to support the multicultural communities in the country. Traditionally Australia has been very multicultural society where the access to citizenship and the social inclusions of foreigners have always been one of the most important for its success. Round 15 million AUD will be given to local communities in order to enhance the benefits of the multiculturalism and maintain cohesive and socially inclusive neighbourhoods.According to Kate Lundy, who is minister for multicultural affairs the new measures, will once again confirm the government’s commitment to multiculturalism. The new steps will include working together with Scanlon Foundation, the Migration Council of Australia and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. The main goal will be to engage with more than a hundred local coordinators from around Australia who will to enhance social inclusion and improve connections to support services provided by the three spheres of government. It also includes a commitment to provide resources to improve infrastructure that will enhance social inclusion and create meeting places that bring together individuals and families in the community.

In addition to that the Diversion and Social Cohesion program will be expanded in order to meet the demand and alleviate the risks for communities in which some significant social discord exists. The measures will also allow for increasing resources for language translation services for Commonwealth programmes to ensure that all Australians have equal access to government services and programmes. The new national policy measures will follow the important work that was already done by many local organizations which work in the same area. They will provide support for people that live in multicultural communities, pathways to employment as well as training and language services.

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