Australia has a lot more to offer in term of culture than most visitors expect

Sydney Opera House and Skyscrapers

Australia is very famous for its sports, beaches and barbecues, but at the same time seems to be thought of a country which is relatively short on culture.

This notion that many foreigners have is however wrong.

Sydney, for example, is very famous for its poetry clubs and many young writers publish their works there. Furthermore reading is very popular in the country.

Libraries are open every day including Sunday and host a lot of book groups, talks and meetings.

The Central Coast is known for its spectacular scenery and attracts many artists.

A weekly arts programme on community radio promotes exhibitions and workshops for oil painters, watercolourists and photographers.

Music is well represented with a full program of concerts. There are several thriving theatre groups that stage drama and musical productions.

Sydney is furthermore very famous for its theatres. The Sydney Opera House seems to float on the sparkling.

The building is a whole art complex. It contains a concert hall, theatre, opera and ballet, and adaptable auditoria for drama and experimental work.

The Opera House frequently hosts famous plays from writers such as Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde.

Another famous theatre is Ensemble located in the northern suburb of Kirribilli.

Similarly to the Sydney Opera House, it is on the harbour which makes it even more attractive for visitors.

It frequently presents various plays such as classics and new drama.

Archibald prize is another famous annual cultural event – a competition and exhibition of portraits at Sydney’s Art Gallery. Such is its popularity, it’s best to go early or late.

With so many cultural activities going on in Sydney tourists do not need to compromise culture for more time at the beach.

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