Australia in need of skilled workers from Scotland

February 18th and 19th will be life-changing dates for hundreds of Scots looking to immigrate to Australia.

Apparently Australia is in constant need of skilled migrants as new construction projects are in line, and workers shortage in mining is growing. Western Australia alone has about 500,000 openings for skilled workers, for instance.

According to recent government statistics, over 17,000 people from Scotland immigrated to Australia. In 2009, however, over 470,000 people from the UK moved to the country, making it the top immigration destination among the people from the UK.

Britons choose Australia to start a new life mainly because of the low unemployment rate, the great weather, the regular recruitment of skilled migrants from the UK, and the laid back image of the Australian lifestyle.

To fill in the job openings in Australia, a special event – Down Under Live – will take place in Edinburgh.

It’s meant to objectively advise those who are interested in moving to Australia by shedding light on the process of immigrating to OZ and on anything a person and/or a family needs to know in order to start a brand new life away from home.

Guests of the event would also have the opportunity to talk to employers and to specialists in helping people to emigrate.

The Down Under Live event is the biggest expo in the UK, dedicated to emigration and jobs in Australia and New Zealand. This year the event will take place both on 18th and 19th of February in Edinburgh.


where is this event?

Hello i am interested in working in western Australia minig industry as a labourer, how would i go about organinsing this asap. Any information would be appreciated.

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