Australia needs more nurses and doctors from abroad


Australian healthcare system depends a lot on overseas trained doctors and nurses. Most of them are coming from the UK, Malaysia and India. Recent research was done by the Health Workforce Australia shows that in 2010 around 25% of the medical staff that works in Australia has obtained their medical degrees overseas. Nevertheless, a huge shortage of qualified doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and nurses exists.

For example, according to the Health Workforce Australia’s estimates, more than 100 000 nurses will be needed in Australian during the next 15 years. Remote provinces such as Queensland, Western Australian and Central Australia are experiencing the highest shortage, although the salaries there are higher so that more people are attracted.

Health Workforce Australia claims the country will not be able to maintain high-quality healthcare in the future if the lack of enough medical personnel continues to grow. Therefore Australian should seek new opportunities to streamline the immigration process for doctors in order to attract more qualified medical staff from abroad.

Doctors who want to immigrate in Australian can enter the country in several different ways that are administered by the Australian Medical Council (AMC). During 2011 around 1600 foreign medical specialists were assessed under the competent authority pathway.

After they pass the pre-employment screening they must undergo 12-month workplace assessment which determines whether they are suitable to become certified by the Australian Medical Council which gives them the right to practice their profession in the country.

In addition to that, nearly 870 medical graduates received the AMC certificate which gives them the right to become general registration as a doctor in Australia.

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