Australia needs more workers for its agricultural industry.

The global consulting firm KPMG has recently released a report which warns that the average age of the Australian agricultural workers is increasing. As they approach their retirement age, new replacements will be hard to find. This means, that the agricultural sector may soon face serious labour shortages.

The reason for this is that the Australian youths prefer to make a career in other professional fields such as business management, technology or mining The KPMG research reports that the average age of the Australian Farmers was 56 and indicates that the labour demand in Australia’s agricultural sector surpasses the supply with some 30%.

The company’s forecast is, that after their retirement most farmers will sell their properties to international corporations and private investors. This on its turn will create a range of job opportunities which the local market will hard find to fill. Some estimates put the number of new places, that are to be opened at 32 000 per year.

All of these developments have led the agricultural industry to market itself more aggressively among the Australian young people. Many specialists are however sceptical that this move will solve the problem because the new graduates are likely to go to other more glamorous than agriculture sector fields.

Other possible solution to this problem may come from the Australian immigration and the working holiday visa program. Agricultural firms consider that immigrants and working holidaymakers may find it appealing to work in the industry. This will help Australia to build a sustainable agricultural industry and build cohesive relationships with neighbouring countries.

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