Australia plans to expand its Working Holiday Visa program


Recent reports indicate that the Australian government may expand the working holiday visa program. More industries could become eligible for holders to obtain a second-year visa and the current age limit increased.

The Australian Working Holiday Visa program is one of the most popular of its kind as it gives chance to young people from all over the world aged less than 30 years to live and work in Australia for up to a year.

The Australian government expanded the program in the last decade in a shrewd move to benefit both the backpacking visa holders and the country’s economy; working holiday visa holders who complete three months of specified work in regional Australia, they can stay another year.

The work is usually done in the agricultural industry. However, in an effort to convince more Working Holiday Visa holders to stay in the country for a second year, Tourism Australia has reportedly convinced the tourism minister of Australia to allow hospitality jobs to qualify visa holders for a second visa.

Some studies predict that if the tourism industry is added to the eligibility rules and the current maximum age is increased this will bring more than 700 million Australian dollars in the economy.

Tourism Australia is due to launch a new campaign in the next month in line with their aim of doubling the size of the Australian tourism industry – already the country’s second-largest industry – by 2020.

Despite the obvious benefits to the country’s economy, the increase in size is predicted to result in 56,000 job shortages – a shortage backpackers would be more than willing to fill.

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