Australia Standard Business Sponsorship

If your second working holiday visa is running out, but you feel like spending some more time in Australia you might want to talk with your current employer. One way to remain Down Under is to have your employer sponsor you, thus helping you to stay in Australia for up to 4 years.

Employer-sponsored workers must remain with the same employer. You can not change employers unless your potential employer is willing to become your sponsor as well.

  • Eileen: Welcome to the Visa First live chat! How can I help you today?
  • Jenn: Hi Eileen. I am an Irish backpacker on my second year WHV. I have just finished my 6-month stint working for a company. Is it possible to work for more than 6 months with this company under my visa if the employer agrees to it? Just an extra 3 months say?
  • Eileen: No Jenn, unfortunately, it is a requirement of your Visa that you cannot work for one employer for more than 6 months. Your only option if you wish to stay with the employer for longer is to perhaps consider sponsorship.
  • Jenn: That what I thought but a friend mentioned that if the employer agreed to the extension then it was OK. Yes, I am considering sponsorship but it is hard to get a job on the that the Australian Gov considered skilled!
  • Eileen: What are you working at here in Australia?
  • Jenn: I managed to get a job for a catering company ISS on one of BHP Mine sites in WA. I was only doing dining room, bar, cleaning of rooms but I don’t think they consider that as a skilled job, regardless if the Company can’t get the staff! I just finished my 6 months with them 2 weeks ago.
  • Eileen: The skill of the job isn’t really the problem for sponsorship, if the employer is willing to sponsor you then you should be okay. Have the company offered you sponsorship?
  • Jenn: I didn’t actually ask them if they would sponsor me as I thought it wasn’t a skilled job! They probably would offer me sponsorship as I was there a long time….10 months to be precise…the original company was taken over by a new employer so that was lucky for me. How much would it cost the company/me to get sponsored?
  • Eileen: The cost of sponsorship is $3000. I can take your details and get one of my colleagues who specialize in sponsorship Visa to contact you.
  • Eileen: Is your contact number 042******* and your email ********
  • Jenn: Yes, that would be great Eileen, thanks. Yes, those details are correct. Email is probably best for me at the moment. Thanks.
  • Eileen: Okay Jenn no problem I will get them to email you some information later today.
  • Jenn: Oh, brill. Thank you so much, Eileen. I really appreciate it. I have been on the Oz immigration website and talking to friends so I am getting different info all the time. It is great to get to talk/email someone who knows all the info. Thanks again and have a good day!

As you realize, your options are somewhat limited by choosing employer sponsorship as a way to remain. General skilled migration is your other option. Unfortunately, very few working holidaymakers are able to meet the criteria and have a nominated occupation found on the Skilled Occupation List.


Hi , Im currently working in retail as a manager. I am on a working holiday visa so can only work for the company for 6months but my employer has asked to sponsor me. What do i need to qualify, i have over 3 years managment experience? How much will it cost ? Do i pay or does my employer ? And what will this entail? Im really looking for as much information on being sponsored as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gem

Hi, I've been working at a major car dealer in wa as a car detailer for the last 4 month's and they want to sponsor me but I've been told they can't because im not on the skills list, can you help me out with this

i lam looking for sponsorship for visa 457i was wondering if somebody could help me

Hi, Is it possible to get sponsored whilst on a 6mth holiday visa? I have had 2 previous 12mth working visas. Is this possible? I know they are screaming out for Admin/Finance staff up North in the mines. Your advice would be kindly appreciated! Many thanks

Hi, Is there any bank who will be willing to sponsor me?I work as IT Professional in a bank. Thanks

hi, how can i possibly get sponsorship since i dont have relatives in australia? could u help me find someone who could provide sponsorship. thank u. Good bless..

hi how can i get sponsorship if i want to go and work in australia?I have relatives there.

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