Backpacker Boom in Australia

More and more people head off to Australia. Young individuals, left with no alternative, head Down Under to spend the next 12 months in search for adventure and temporary job placements.

The rising number of people travelling on the Australian working holiday visa will definitely have a positive effect on Australia’s economy. Despite the rising number of working holiday makers from Germany and the UK, the tourism industry will suffer a drawback, but less devastating than predictions from last year.

If you are considering a working holiday in Australia and like what you see in the video above, why not give it a shot?


it's in darlinghurst - near the Gaff!! yeaaaaaa pingpong.

We am coming from Sweden and I here Doctor Pong is located in Sydney, is located where please?

Im off to australia in november! Cant wait! get out of cold miserable europe!! :-)

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