Australian Government meets its migration objectives for 2011/2012

Australian city skyline

Australian Government has announced that it has reached its immigration objectives for the 2011/2012. According to the immigration minister Chris Bowen, during 2011 there are more than 185 000 immigrants who came to work in the country. Around 125 000 of them were high-qualified workers who entered the country under the skilled immigration program.

Although the Australian Government is primarily concerned about the job opportunities for local citizens, the skilled immigration program is vital for the Australian economy because it helps, because it helps the country to overcome such pressing problems such as the ageing population and the labour shortage, that exist in specific fields such as engineering and computer sciences.

There were around 16 000 visas that were issued under the top priority Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. Western Australia accounted for nearly 25% of the Regional Sponsored Migration Visas that were granted.

The resource boom and the expanding mining industry are creating very favourable economic conditions that are attracting a lot of foreign immigrants there. State and territory sponsored visa subclasses were issued in record number as well. There were around 22 000 visas granted under those programs, which is a 37% increase compared with the same period during the previous year.

Furthermore, the statistics show that for the first time India is the largest source of immigrants for Australia. The number of permanent residence visas that were granted to Indian is 29 018 or 15.7% of the total number of visas issued. China and Great Britain are the second and the third-largest source with 25,509 and 25,274 places respectively.

The family visas represented 31% of the total immigration program (58,604 places). Those visas were issued to Australian people who want to unite with their close relatives, particularly with their parents and children.

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