Australian mining industry officials claim that they do not overuse subclass 457 visas


Representatives of the Australian mining industry have denied the claim that it overuses 457 temporary visas.

In addition to that, they said that the mining companies are investing a lot of money in training new visa holders contrary to the claims of many people who criticize the usage of subclass 457 visas. Australian Mines and Metals

Association (AMMA), which is a group of the largest employers in the country’s resource industry said that it is fairly confident that the current debate will continue in the autumn during the elections.

They asked the Australian public to consider real acts when it comes to training apprenticeship and skilled immigration.

‘Far more Australian people are being trained to work in the mining industry than there are temporary skilled migrants on 457 visas,’ said AMMA executive director, Scott Barklamb. ‘457 visa holders have consistently comprised just 2.5% to 3.5% of the resource sector workforce over the past five years.

Currently, our industry employs more than 11,000 apprentices and trainees, representing 5% of our direct workforce,’ he added.

In addition, Barklamb says that recent statistics from the Australian Department of Immigration and citizenship shows that usage of subclass 457 visas has declined with 20% in the last 12 months.

He believes that the consistently low usage of 457 visa holders, during a period in which the resource sector workforce grew rapidly, indicates that training for Australians in the resource industry has kept pace with rapid workforce growth.

In addition to that, he pointed out that 96% of the workforce in the Australian mining industry is comprised by locals and that foreigners who are hired to work in the resource sector usually complement the local workers, but do not substitute them.

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