Australian officials warn of Working Holiday Visa scam


Australian officials have issued a warning that there is a scam that targets foreigners who are holders of the popular Working Holiday Visa.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship warns them to be aware of scam text messages which appear to be from the department seeking final payments for their visa application.

The text messages are targeting international communities in Australia holding temporary working holiday visas.

A departmental spokesman said it is a well-organised ruse to con visa holders into transferring a purported ‘unpaid government fee’ when none is needed. ‘The department has received information from a number of clients who have been sent these text messages, which directs them to a bogus web page that appears to be from DIAC,’ said a department spokesman. ‘Anyone who receives this type of text message seeking payment should ignore the message,’ he added.

The webpage of the scam appears authentic as it contains the log and the ABN number of the department. Nevertheless, it can be easily concluded that it is false, from the fact it has the words ‘’ in the web address.

It is a clearly fake webpage that demands an online payment to be made by using a credit card. it is very important that everyone reports such incidents to the relevant state or territory police and to the Immigration Dob-In Line on 1800 009 623.

According to information from a post from the forums of, behind the scam are people, who telephone visa holders and ask for payments, in order to regularize non-existing irregularities with their visas.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship encourages all visa holders to hang up on individuals, who try to impersonate the immigration officials and to seek such kind of payments.

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