Australian Skilled Migrant Visa – Current Update

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The waiting time for the Expression of Interest (EOI) applications lodged in January 2015 was two weeks. Because of the larger number of EOIs lodged between December 2014 and March 2015, it is expected that their processing will take a little bit longer.

The occupational quota for ICT Business and System Analysts has already been reached, which means that no new invitations will be issued for Skilled Independent and Skilled Regional Sponsored Provisional Visa until the new migration program is announced in July 2015.

The Australian government announced that Accountants and Software and Applications Programmers are also near to reach their occupational ceilings. The different areas Engineers – Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers along with Computer Professionals are next on the list to reach the cap. Here is a summary of the occupations and the invitations issued so far:

Occupation Annual Ceiling Invitations Issued % Used
ICT Business and Systems Analysts 1,620 1,620 100.0%
Software and Applications Programmers 5,005 3,999 79.9%
Accountants 5,478 4,290 78.3%
Other Engineering Professionals 1,000 602 60.2%
Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 1,680 954 56.8%
Computer Network Professionals 1,788 999 55.9%
Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers 1,188 548 46.1%
Other Medical Practitioners 1,000 413 41.3%
Electronics Engineers 1,000 391 39.1%
Telecommunications Engineering Professionals 1,000 346 34.6%
Chemical and Materials Engineers 1,000 275 27.5%
Civil Engineering Professionals 2,850 781 27.4%
Electrical Engineers 1,332 283 21.2%
Dental Practitioners 1,000 194 19.4%
Architects and Landscape Architects 1,476 203 13.8%
Registered Nurses 15,042 1,930 12.8%

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