Australian Skilled Migrant Visa

Australia as one of the most prospering and highly developed countries in the world is the number one choice for many people when it comes to immigration. After their arrival, the migrants can immediately immerse themselves into the country’s multicultural society and enjoy the ethnical and the racial tolerance that Australia is very famous for.

So if you are one of those people, who is looking for new immigration opportunities what are your options for Australia? It is, of course, impossible to cover all the existing opportunities in one single article.

Therefore I want to focus your attention on one of the most popular options for prospective Australian immigrants – Australian Skilled Migrant Visa. The purpose of the Australian skilled migrant visa is to attract a qualified workforce from abroad, in order to fill certain deficits on the local labour market.

This type of visa offers some advantages in comparison with the other two immigration visas – Australian sponsorship visa and the Australian state sponsorship visa. The advantages lie in the fact, that it does not require the prospective applicants to have secured employer sponsorship before entering the country.

So what are the general eligibility requirements that you have to satisfy? First of all, you must be no older than 50 years of age. Furthermore, you must have fluent English language skills. Last but not least, your profession must be listed on the skilled occupations list released by the Australian Government.

One additional requirement is that you must pass a point test designed to evaluate to what extent your general and employment background fits with the necessities of the Australian labour market.

Provided that your application is successful you will be awarded the opportunity to live work and study in Australia for a period up to five years. After that, you may be eligible for a visa reissue or even for Australian citizenship if you satisfy certain residency requirements.

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