Australian Working Holiday Makers Who Work In The Hospitality Sector Call For Visa Extension

Hospitality jobs are one of the most popular choices for Australian Working Holiday Makers. Thousands of young backpackers, however, cannot extend their stay in Australia, because the tourism industry is excluded from the list of occupations that are eligible for Second Working Holiday Visa.

The Federal Australian Government is currently under pressure to allow working holidaymakers who work in hospitality-related jobs, the same one-year visa extension, which is available for backpackers, who are doing work in regional farming, mining, forestry, fishing or construction sector. Recently new research made by the Australian Tourism Export Council was published. It showed that such a move can bring around 225 million dollars in the local economy in the next ten years

According to the statistics of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, nearly 22 000 young travellers extended their Working Holiday Visa by completing three-month specified work in regional Australia. Some critics have expressed the opinion that adding the hospitality industry to the list of the eligible Second Australian Working Holiday Visa occupations will do more harm than good.

According to them, this will lead to over flooding of the hospitality-related jobs with applicants, who want to extend their visa, which will create a lot of competition and make it more difficult for individual working holidaymakers find a job in the sector

Business owners from the tourism field, however, think that the possibility of over flooding the job market with applicants is very low. The industry expects that more than 55 000 working places will go unfilled by the end of 2015. The influx of working holidaymakers in the hospitality field can be life-saving for many businesses.

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how can i apply for the Second Working Holiday Visa and what kind of documents i have to submit in the visa process.can you post the more details.....

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