Australian Working Holiday Visa Growing in Popularity

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship registers a major increase in working holiday visa applications during 2011. According to recent statistics published by the Australian government, the popularity of the Australian Working Holiday Visa grew up significantly.

The total number of visa applications granted in 2011 has been 110,541 which is 13,6% increase from the 97,306 applications granted in 2010. The largest contributors for the growth are the applicants from Taiwan, Ireland and Italy which have grown with 3,105, 2,998 and 1,220 respectively. The reasons for this increase are to be found in the attractive conditions that the Working Holiday Visa offers.

It gives the chance to young people from all over the world to explore the possibility of living and working in Australia and to get acquainted with the culture and the lifestyle of this incredible country. Designed for people aged between 18-30 years, the Working Holiday Visa allows for a longer stay than the tourist visa for Australia and therefore for better immersion in the local culture, society and language.

Furthermore, it has the advantage of being easier to acquire than the work permit for Australia, which serves as a catalyst for the international cultural exchange between the various countries which participate in the Working Holiday Agreement.

There has been also an even larger increase in the applications granted for the second Australian Working Holiday Visa which grew with 34.5%  from 10981 to 14 772. The diversity and the richness of Australia cannot be experienced within the time limits of a single year.

The second-year visa extension could serve for many curious and adventurous people as a possibility to broaden their Australian experience and to visit more places as well as to meet a lot of new friends. mIn addition, for those who want to live and work in Australia, the Second Year Working Holiday Visa could be a bridge to Australian immigration and permanent residence in the country.

The unique opportunities that the Working Holiday Visa program offers have once again made it number one choice for many young adults, who want to expand their international experience and to increase their intercultural awareness while gaining new working skills and habits.

Source: The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship


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