Australia’s Point Based System and How UK Can Handle Immigration After Brexit.

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Australia is a country with long traditions and experience in migration management and border control. The big island country has established a system of rules for regulating the number of immigrants wanting to live and work thereby measuring their skills and outstanding abilities that could be of benefit for the local economy.

The so-called point-based immigration system works very good and attracts only qualified professionals who want to work there or are subject of interest from a local company.

There are two ways two get qualified for an Australian visa, one is to get approved by the point-based system for the specific job you are applying and the other is to be sponsored by a relative, an employer or government agency in Australia.

As per the Australian government, they are giving an opportunity to skilled migrants to support themselves and in the same time to contribute to the local economy. The point-based system is kind of eligibility test assessment to get a visa to work in Australia.

Applicants must pass a test that awards points in different categories such as age, English literacy, qualifications, experience and occupation. Usually, the younger the applicant is the better they should be under 50, high priority is given to English language skills as it is the local language. More points are given to people qualified to work in areas where needs are big.

For 2015-16 there are 190 000 permanent migration places for people wanting to move to Australia.

This system obviously delivers very good results and the Australian government is willing to keep this policy for years. It is a good example of proper political behaviour in a delicate situation as the one with immigration. In regards with UK possible EU exit, this is a good way to cope with the arising issue of people entering the UK.

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