Average Weekly Earnings in Australia

Hi there, Working Holiday Makers! In 2009  many of you will undertake a journey to Australia and spend at least one full year there. Once you are in that new place you are faced with so many challenges and decisions. What is ahead of you? Where are you going to stay? Will you find a good company to travel with?  What about a job, will you find a job with a decent salary?

Well, I can’t answer most of these questions, however, I can give you a rough idea of the money you might be able to earn. As you are aware you are only allowed to work to supplement your travels, but this does not mean you can’t get a good paycheck.

I got the following information from the Australian Bureau Of Statistics. All information on it is free and it can be accessed by anyone, so if you are interested to know more about Australia I advise you to browse around.

How much are Australians earning in 2008?

Currently, Australians working full-time earn about 4,5% more than what they used to get back in August 2007. If last year you have earned $1,100 per week, this year you get $1,145. Multiply this by 4 and you will get about $180 extra per month.

Now, there are a lot of people working part-time, so they have to be considered when calculating all employees total earnings (full-time ordinary time, full-time in general and part-time). This figure might be more relevant to you, the Working Holiday Maker. According to the ABS, the weekly earnings of an Australian citizen in August 2008 were $897.9, compared to $875.1 in 2007. This still means that the average Australian is receiving about $100 extra per month.

There are several states in Australia. Which state offers the highest income?

Most of you are not going to Australia to make a fortune. You are going Down Under for a number of reasons, however, only a few of you are considering migration, at least at the beginning. The salary is not the most important thing for a backpacker. Despite this, it is not a bad thing to be aware of where you can get more. Below you will find a list containing the average weekly earnings by the state for May 2007.

  • New South Wales – $1,128.90
  • Victoria – $1,070.00
  • Queensland – $1,023.90
  • South Australia – $1,016.30
  • Western Australia – $1,171.50
  • Tasmania – $1,006.40
  • Northern Territory – $1,042.70
  • Australian Capital Territory – $1,278.40

Working holidays are a great opportunity for young adults to broaden their horizons. Money is not a goal, but only the means to have a great time while travelling, so stress on that.


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